40 Weeks And 4 Days Pregnant No Signs Of Labor

40 Weeks And 4 Days Pregnant No Signs Of Labor. Usually, they come within a week of their due date. 40 weeks 4 days pregnancy update.

40 Weeks Pregnant WERE OFFICIALLY IN LABOR! (DAY 787 from www.youtube.com

My second was nearly two weeks over and third was a week over their guesses. Leading up to that i was at hosp for my iron levels and they asked me if i had any signs, i replied a few twinges but nothing that i thought was lead up to his arrival yet, he felt my tummy an thought i was in labour so got a nurse to check me out she said i was 3cm an in slow labor (i had no clue) her an the doc thought he would be here the next day this was the tues. According to womens medical care, “your kid’s placenta is in the initial phases of progression.